Top 9 Best Office Chairs

Did you know that the average UK worker spends 9 hours a day sitting down? For this reason, a decent ergonomic office chair is one of the most important investments you will ever make. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best office chairs out there so you can choose the best one for you.

What is an ‘ergonomic’ chair?

By definition, ‘ergonomic’ means something that relates to or is designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment. An ergonomic chair is specially designed for the human body, often with adjustable parts which enhance maximum comfort whilst sitting.

What features make a good ergonomic office chair?

An adjustable seat height – If the office chair is to be considered ergonomic, its height must be adjustable. This means it can move either up or down to suit the person’s body dimensions for optimal comfort and practicality during sitting time. As a rule of thumb, the best position to have the height is so your hips are slightly above your knees with legs calm positioned on the floor.

Seat pan adjustment – Most ergonomic chairs have the ability for you to adjust the depth of the seat ever so slightly (about a corner inch). This allows you to fine tune your leg positioning in a manner which supports comfort and decent blood flow once sat down. A good seat pan function can help prevent deep vein thrombosis which can occur due to a lack of blood flow. For this reason, I’d recommend you go for an ergonomic chair with good seat pan adjustment.

Adjustable back rest – Lots of chairs allow the user the ability to adjust the height of the back rest. This allows you to move the rest into a position which best supports your back, allowing for relaxed working and a reduced risk of contracting spine pain.

Adjustable headrest – If you’re serious about leaning back, a chair with an adjustable headrest is for you. Some chairs, particularly at the top end, feature adjustable head rests which allow you to move the rest in a comfortable position which suits you. This prevents you from getting a stiff neck whilst working and facilitates more productive, focused workflow. A win-win for both you and the business you’re working on or the employer you’re working for.

Adjustable arm support – One of the most important features of an ergonomic chair is the arm support. You should be able to adjust the height and angle of these beams, so they sit in a convenient position for you to rest your arms whilst you work. If you don’t think arm supports are an important feature try working at a desk in a chair with no arm support. Your arms will get tired in a matter of seconds and your focus will be on keeping your arms up rather than on the work you’re trying to do. Arm supports are an important factor to consider when purchasing an ergonomic office chair so please be aware of it.

Quality casters – A ‘caster’ is a wheeled device which mounts to the base of most ergonomic chairs. Not only are they convenient for easy rolling movement whilst seated, they’re also crucial for supporting you as you sit in the chair.

A good ergonomic chair features durable caster which can support the body weight of the user in full both during working and when you are getting into the sitting or standing position from the chair.  Please note, most casters can only hold a certain amount of weight so if you are on the larger side make sure you read the weight limit when purchasing your ergonomic chair.

The last thing you want is to sit down into your chair with beaming confidence, only for it to collapse under your mass. This happened to a friend of mine in our work office and, needless to say was embarrassed and lucky to not have been injured.

What are the benefits of an ergonomic chair?

Support whilst you sit – The primary purpose of ergonomic chairs is to support you whilst you sit. The chairs help to facilitate a neutral sitting position so you aren’t hunched over or sitting with poor posture. Being properly supported whilst you sit means reducing the likelihood of experience any sitting-related pain.

The chairs help to realign the spine, prevent arthritis, reduce the likelihood of deep vein thrombosis, fix posture, promote proper working form and so on. The chairs are key to supporting you whilst you sit so it’s a good idea you invest in a quality one that suits you.

Boost your productivity – When you’re properly supported in a quality ergonomic chair, you’re more likely to be in a productive state. As a result, you’ll perform at your best and create excellent work that you, colleagues and your clients will be pleased with. However, if your ergonomic chair is low quality or you don’t use one then you’ll be likely to experience a productivity drop due to pain and discomfort.

Not using a proper economic chair can lead to sitting related injuries and subsequent time off or frequent doctor trips. Also, the pain that comes with this not using a proper ergonomic chair means you won’t be focusing on your work and your performance will suffer. Invest in a quality ergonomic chair and reap the benefits of boosted productivity.

Provide a sense of a comfort – Ergonomic chairs provide a true sense of comfort, meaning you can happily work in a relaxed and calm state. Research suggest that you are primed to produce your best quality work when you’re in a positive and comfortable state, so the benefits of an ergonomic chair are life-changing.

Makes working easier – Ergonomic chairs are designed with convenience in mind. Most chairs feature adjustable headrests, arm supports, seat pans, chair height and many other adjustable functions. The chair can be moulded to suit your sitting and working style, so working life ultimately became smoother once you start using one.

The caster wheels allow you to travel on the chair without standing up and the swivel feature enables you to turn 360 degrees whilst seated. No need to extend your neck or strain your hips to speak to people behind you, the chair makes movement easy and convenient.

Factors to consider before making a purchase

You’re probably excited to buy your ergonomic chair now. Brilliant! But first, make sure you consider the following factors.

What is your budget? – Before you even think about researching chairs, assess your financial situation and budget accordingly. Work out what you can invest on an ergonomic chair, write the figure down so it’s clear, and stick by it.

I’ve seen so many people spend lots more than they could afford on their office chair and then suffered financially as a result. Often, this is due to emotional circumstances during the purchase phase like thinking a certain chair is ‘just right’ or ‘having to buy a chair NOW before it’s gone.’

Please don’t let emotions cloud your judgement and tempt you into spending more than you can afford. Not to take the fun away from the exciting process of buying your ergonomic chair, just please make sure you stick within the means of your budget. You will thank me later.

What are your requirements? – Before you begin researching, write down all your requirements on paper and think about exactly what you need your chair to provide. Do you need a head rest, mesh back, fully adjustable tilt function? Get familiar with your needs first, do the research and then look to making a purchase. You will be much more comfortable with your chair as a result.

Research ALL your options – This is a huge one. Don’t have magpie syndrome and purchase the first chair that grabs your interest and appears to be ‘just for you.’ Research ALL the options available, then you will be best placed to make an informed purchase.

As Elvis once said ‘wise men say, only fools rush in.’ Don’t be a fool! Take your time and research all your options. An ergonomic chair can be an expensive investment so please do your due diligence.

What styles do you like? – Everybody is different. Therefore, everybody has different preferences for what styles they like. Maybe you like chairs with luxurious leather, perhaps you like formal mesh chairs, you could even favour stylish fabric office chairs. Whatever the case, being aware of your style preferences should help to guide your final decision when it comes to finally making a purchase.


What are the best ergonomic chairs available?

Okay, here we go! Let’s take a look at some of the best ergonomic chairs out there so you can choose one that suits both your sitting and working style.

1. High Back Mesh Office Ergonomic Chair

Here’s a chair which garners constant 5 star reviews and is often described as great value for money. It features a flexible wide surface mesh for your back to provide a relaxed sitting experience whilst promoting proper posture to reduce the risk of back pain.

The cushioned seat has a waterfall front edge design which removes pressure from the lower legs and promotes good blood flow to the legs. It features a knee-tilt mechanism which means the chair can be reclined between 90 and 125 degrees to support your body’s natural movements.

What’s more, this chair looks professional, sleek and fits elegantly into any working environment.

Check out some of the reviews:

Stylish, solid, comfy. Just what I wanted!’

It was very comfortable, good quality and the instructions were easy to understand. the chair is wide and the back is curved so it’s very comfortable whilst using a computer. Very nice.’

2. Luxury executive office chair

This ergonomic chair is clearly one of the most stylish out there, offering a luxurious sleek look. Ideal if you want a nice looking chair for your working space.

It features generous headrest padding to support your head and relieve neck pain, a bilateral arc backrest which fits around the curvature of your body and a thick and cosy padded cushion for hip comfort.

The seat may be adjusted up and down, it can tilt between 90-110 degrees and you may rock back and forth gently when tired to relieve fatigue. With a 330 lb weight limit, the casters are strong and even come with a bonus set of replacements so you get maximum longevity out of this chair.

Check out a few of the chairs reviews: 

So far definitely recommended. Very simple to put together, easily a one person job. It is packaged very well. Looks very well made and feels comfortable. Tilt function and height adjustment work as described. Overall very impressed with purchase.’

Awesome chair. I have back and neck issues and find this chair perfect to support my needs. Wonderful fast service and fantastic product.’

3. Ergo Tek-Mesh Manager Chair


Here’s a popular ergonomic chair which features unique ‘Elasti-Mesh- which memorises and recovers its original position for longevity and optimal back support. It features a breathable contoured seat pad, a waterfall seat to prevent excess pressure on the legs, soft padded height adjustable armrests and user weight tilt tension control.

It comes conveniently flat packed for easy self assembly, making it a hassle free arrangement. Overall, this is a smart office chair with comfort in mind for the user and comes highly recommended.

Check out some of its reviews:

Fantastic chair, very robust. Extremely good quality build, at a very good price.’

This chair is fantastic. not only does it look great but it’s incredibly comfortable. Assembly is fairly easy too.’

4. Life Mesh Office Chair

This brilliant chair features integrated lumbar (lower back) support and adjustable headrest to relieve fatigue whilst working. The mesh backrest allows airflow to keep you ventilated and cool, ideal for those working long period and in hot climates.

The arms are adjustable and padded, allowing users to get into a comfortable flow whist working on a project. The wide padded seat is made of breathable densely woven polyester fabric which prevents dirt, dust and food particles settling on the chair. Great for those who love a very clean workplace.

Check out some of the chairs reviews:

Comfortable seat cushion, ease of construction, great lower lumbar support, quick ergonomic adjustment, armrest is adjustable, smooth casters, super comfortable.’ My wife LOVES this chair!

Impressively worthy. This is so fab! Easy assembly without any additional tools required. Heavy weight, thick cushion, height adjustable hand rest. Very fancy.’

5. Executive Extra Padded Office Chair 

This extra padded office chair is designed for comfort and style. Designed with sleek PU leather, this reclining chair can be fully adjusted to suit the users needs down to a tee. The arm supports are highly padded so provide super comfort for your arms, making your work effortless and relaxed.

The item comes flat packed and is easy to assemble, taking an estimated 15-20 minutes as a solo effort. Ideal if you’re in a hurry to receive the item, assemble it and get on with your working as soon as possible.

Check out some of its reviews: 

Great office chair. This is a very classy, efficient and comfortable Office Chair. The seat adjustment is very easily operated and has a good height range. The back tilt adjustment also has a good adjustment range.Excellent value for the price paid!

Very comfy chair. This is one of the most comfortable desk chairs I have ever had. I can sit for long hours at a desk and this genuinely doesn’t make my bum go numb! It was pretty easy to put together, instructions were incredibly basic but made sense to me. I would definitely recommend.

6. Mesh Back Office Chair 

This chair is extremely well ventilated with a premium fabric mesh backrest, allowing air circulation so you can work in a relaxed without having to worry about sweating or excessive moisture build up. The armrests are foldable so can be used at your discretion, a great feature which makes this chair easily adjustable.

The mesh is designed to mould around the curvature of your back, offering strong lumbar support to help your posture and develop a good sitting habit in and out of the chair. It looks professional, is incredibly sleek and stylish. A neat value for money chair.

Check out some of the chairs reviews:

This is very good gaming or office chair. Easy to install. The instructions is understandable as well. Good quality, comfy sofa, fashion look and nice price too. I am pleased to buy it. It is very impressive.’

Awesome chair. Very soft and comfortable, back to back breathable, adjustable high and low, convenient and practical.’

7. Racing Gaming Chair with Lumbar Support 

This supreme office chair is an excellent choice for anybody suffering back pain or in need of an extremely comfortable chair for everyday use.

It features a fully adjustable tilting mechanism, adjustable armrests, an aluminium 5 caster strong base for optimal support, padded backrests and synthetic leather material for a classy look. this is in the more expensive range but will last much longer due to the use of tough, durable leather and steel framework.

Check out some of its reviews:

This chair is outstandingly good, extremely comfortable and well-made.’

The chair for you! I believe this chair is for anyone wanting to add colour into their setup and that wants a premium chair that is not only built well but is actually very comfortable and good for your back and as advertised it is an Orthopedically and ergonomically designed chair.’

8. Tilt function ergonomic office chair 

Here’s an office chair designed with comfort and style in mind that won’t leave users dispappointed. It features an adjustable lumbar support so your lower back can be supported properly, has an adjustable headrest to support the neck and has adjustable hand rests which can be positioned in an angle to suit you.

This chair has an impressive tilt mechanism which can be easily adjusted, meaning you can kick back and relax after a hard days work. The seat is highly padded and designed for long hours of sitting, meaning you don’t have to worry about ‘sitting fatigue.’

Check out some of the chairs reviews:

Excellent quality fully adjustable home / office furniture. I think the chair is excellent value.’

Outstanding quality, very comfortable. The tilt mechanism is out of this world which ranges between 90 degrees to 135 degrees so you can have a rest after a days work.’

9. Heavy duty comfortable office chair 

This heavy duty office chair is built with productivity and relaxation in mind. Made of high quality mesh fabric, the chair enables a feeling of relaxation as you work.

The curved contours of the chair gives optimal lumbar support and keeps your spine properly aligned so your posture stays just right. It comes with tilting ability between 90 and 125 degrees, allowing the user to work at an upright angle and then relax at a relaxed angle. A win-win!

The stainless steel base is durable, secure and adds a level of stability to the chair, evenly distributing your weight so you feel supported whilst working.

Check out some customer reviews: 

Comfortable chair, good value. This is a modern, stylish looking chair and incredibly comfortable to sit on, even for long periods. There chair has variable height adjustments and can also tilt backwards if required. The materials, fixtures and fittings are all of good durable quality.’

Neat, compact, simple and comfortable.’

Good value for money.’


There you have it.  9 of the very best ergonomic office chairs out there. Remember to consider key factors before making a purchase of what your budget is, what your requirements are, what styles you prefer and ensure you have researched all available options.

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