Top 15 Reasons You Buy Furniture

As we go through life, our circumstances change, and we have different reasons to buy furniture. Our furniture needs to offer storage, comfort, practicality, style, the ability to sleep on and so on.

I always think of a building being like bones and furniture like the blood and organs. The furniture makes the house feel like a home.

We need different furniture in different points in our lives, so it’s worth looking at some of the key reasons you might need to buy some. As you stroll through your life, watch out for some of these key events and consider whether you need to buy furniture.

Without further ado, here they are:

1. Moving into a new property

Getting the keys to your new home is an incredible moment and the start of an adventure.

Though some come ready furnished (common in new-builds), most properties will be totally vacant of any furniture. The previous owner or landlord would remove their furniture before you arrive, giving you the freedom to decide how to furnish each space exactly how you want to.

You might see this as a hassle but it’s actually a great opportunity to add paint onto a blank canvas without the hassle of furniture already being in place.

Make sure you know when you’re moving in and arrange for furniture delivery on that exact day. The last thing you want is for a sofa to be delivered two weeks after you’ve been sitting on camping stools due to poor timing with your ordering.

2. Moving in with a partner

An exciting milestone in any couple’s relationship is moving in together. Many say this is the true test as to whether the couple will be suited for a long-term relationship as some find it difficult to share with particular people. Whatever the case, moving in with a partner will probably mean buying furniture.

If your partner currently lives alone, chances are they have furniture suited for one person. This might mean needing to buy additional storage units, another desk, more pillows, cushions, towels and so on.

The best thing to do is to ask your partner how many of each item they already have and what they think you will need to purchase before moving in. It might sound a bit of a strange question to ask someone you’re in a relationship with but it’s a hell of a lot easier than the awkwardness of sharing a pillow on the first night. Believe me.

3. Remodelling the interior of a home

There may come a time when you or the people you live with want to remodel the interior of the house. 9 times out of 10, this means buying new furniture as part of the remodel.

‘Remodelling’ the home means changing its style, character and feel. A typical remodel includes decorating the walls a different colour, replacing the furniture and room layouts, replacing the kitchen, getting new carpets and so on.
The main idea is for the home to look and feel completely different at the end of the remodelling process. A bit part of this will be replacing old, worn and knackered furniture with new furniture.

Depending on your preference for furniture style you could choose tonnes of different feels including traditional, rustic, vintage, retro, modern and so on. The list is endless and it’s really a matter of opinion. Whatever your choice, make sure you have fun with the remodel!

4. Getting a divorce

According to Crisp & Co Solicitors, 42% of marriages will end in divorce as of 2019. That’s a very high number compared to, say 30 years ago. When a couple gets divorced one person is usually required to move out of the property and into new accommodation.

For this individual, it gives them the chance for a fresh furniture start. The individual is free to buy whatever style of property they want and decorate their new home as they see fit. For many people, this is a therapeutic process as it symbolises starting a new solo segment of their life.

If you ever find yourself in this situation, do not give in to the impulse to buy lots of brand new & expensive furniture right away. Often, emotions will be running high and you won’t be thinking rationally as you try and adapt to life being single. Buying lots of brand-new furniture which costs thousands of pounds won’t be the answer to your confusion and barrage of emotions. No matter how hard it gets.

Make sure every furniture purchase is justified, necessary and won’t be over excessive. I know someone who went on a mad spending spree after they got a divorce to try and distract themselves from the process. It’s not a sensible idea so just be aware of it. Hopefully, you’ll never be in this situation.

5. Having a baby

Your new baby will need furniture the moment he or she is born. You’ll need a quality crib, changing table and a storage area as a bare minimum. Consider getting a comfy chair next to the baby’s crib to deal with those (not so) fun night crying sessions.

As the baby grows into a toddler, it might be necessary to create a play area with some chairs and tables for extra fun playtime!

Please note how I said ‘the moment’ the baby is born. This means furniture will need to be bought and in place before the baby comes home. It sounds obvious but I have two friends who completely forgot to buy the basic furniture requirements for their new baby and as a result, had to call friends late at night to borrow theirs.

Embarrassing or what? Plan. Get the furniture in place a full 4 weeks before the due date and you will be fine. By the way, congratulations!

6. Children growing up

Sad as it is for broody mothers to come to terms with, babies & toddlers don’t stay that size forever. Your child will start to get bigger and their furniture needs will change.

As your child grows you may want to purchase a new bed and chair for their bedroom. Perhaps the living area could do with a new sofa for a child who can’t fit on your lap anymore.

You might even create a study area (or furnish an existing spare room) for your child to do homework, revise for exams and complete any outstanding work.

A study typically consists of a work desk, lamp, storage space and an office chair. You can get as creative as you want with this and even make it a joint project with your child. Talk about a fun way to bond!

7. Elderly parents moving in

It’s worth remembering that furniture can be age specific. Furnishing a home for the elderly is entirely different from furnishing a home for a young family. Therefore, adjustments should be made if you have elderly relatives coming to live with you.

You may need to get special furniture designed for mobility issues and disabilities. If your relative has trouble climbing stairs, a chair lift may need to be installed or you could consider making a bottom floor room a bedroom. There’s also shower furniture that tends to need purchasing for elderly people like bath stools to make it safer if they struggle to balance.

Don’t underestimate the amount of furniture you might need to acquire for elderly relatives to move in. Often, it’s all about safety and I’m pretty sure you’d rather see relatives safe and well than save a few pounds.

Therefore, age-specific furniture for the elderly is essential for these situations and I would advise speaking to a furniture specialist to get the best service and goods for your situation.

8. Working from home

You’re saving time and money by not commuting to the office. Well done you productive person, you! One problem; you haven’t got a furnished home office. Working home is great and offers tonnes of flexibility benefits but you need to make sure it’s set up properly for you to do your job right.

A home office can be as elaborate or as simple as you want it to be. Essentials include a working desk, office chair with good back support, storage space and any technical requirements (laptop, computer, mouse etc).

If you want to add a nice personal touch, you could purchase some inspirational quote wall canvases and hang them up in front of your desk. I have some of these canvases in my home office and it has improved my drive and determination in life, well worth the £8.99 investment for each one.

9. Personal comfort

We’ve all seen the DFS ads on the television marketing that perfect sofa which feels heavenly to the touch. Furniture ads tend to revolve around comfort, why? Comfort is the main reason people get new furniture. They want to feel good, cosy, warm and everything in between.

Maybe your current sofa feels like a rigid rock to sit on or your bed is giving you back pain. Maybe you’ve put on weight and now need sturdier, wider furniture to accommodate you. Whatever your unique comfort needs, there will be furniture out there to suit you!

When you’re in need of comfort, that’s a good time to consider buying furniture. Keep your options open and be on the lookout. You never know what furniture might catch your eye.

10. You buy electronic entertainment that needs furniture

I love 2019. There are so many digital devices to entertain you from TVs to PlayStations to Xbox Consoles to home cinemas. Whatever digital device you purchase, you’ll probably need a chair or sofa to accommodate the device.

For instance, a new TV in the spare room isn’t going to be much good unless you have a sofa to sit on whilst watching it. Maybe you get an Xbox console for the family and you need a shelf unit to house the console. Perhaps you’ve been flashy and installed a home cinema projector system into the garage only to realise you have no lavish seats for viewing.

Before purchasing any electronic entertain, check whether you’ll need furniture first. It makes the process much smoother!

11. After a fire, flood or earthquake

Mother nature can be a cruel mistress. Floods, fires and earthquakes are all-natural disasters which can cause damage to the furniture within your house. This will mean having to buy furniture to replace the damaged items.

In England, for instance, around 5 million people live in flood risk areas with annual flood damage costs being in the region of £1.1 billion. That’s a huge amount of damage and unfortunately, a lot of that damage cost will be furniture.

When you purchase any property, be sure to take out an insurance property which covers your home against fire and flood damage. That way, you can make a valid claim if mother nature does strike and you won’t be hit with a humongous furniture bill.

12. Wear and tear

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. Not even your beloved furniture. With age and wear, furniture items become worn out and no longer fit for use. Frequent use, pets, children, lack of cleaning and spillages are just some examples of how your furniture can get worn out.

Don’t be too down about this, it’s just a part of life and I’m sure you already know this from replacing shoes and your maybe even your car. Not ideal but it happens.

Decide how you’re going to dispose of the furniture items and get new ones in as soon as possible. Disposal methods include the dump, selling it second-hand, posting it in Facebook groups, using the parts for other projects or maybe even burning the wood during a camping trip.

13. Increased income

Maybe you’ve just got a promotion at work and you decide to treat yourself to a furniture upgrade. With your increased budget comes the ability to afford quality items you have been reluctant to purchase in the past due to a worry about funds.

I’m not suggesting you go overboard and buy all the furniture in the Ritz Hotel. That Would be silly. Buy within your new financial means and reap the benefits of quality furniture. Your day to day life will completely change. Give it a try.

14. Need for more storage

As most people go through life, they tend to accumulate more and more things. Eventually, you’ll find you run out of space for it all and need to invest in some storage furniture. I’m not talking about hoarding lots of junk, I mean important stuff that has sentimental value to you.

Qualifications, books, special clothing items, hats, medals, photo collections and jewellery are all examples of objects you might wish to keep due to having sentimental value.

Getting furniture to store these objects is crucial for keeping it safe, clean and making sure it doesn’t get misplaced. Bookcases, racks, cabinets, drawers, chests and plastic boxes might need to be purchased.

There are lots of companies who offer ‘smart’ storage solution products which completely change the game. One company offers stairs with pull out drawers on each step. Revolutionary, or what?

15. Damaged furniture that needs replacing

We’re not all accident prone as we like to think, and mistakes happen. If your furniture becomes damaged, I would advise you to dispose of and replace it immediately as damaged furniture can be a health and safety hazard. You might think this is a bit over the top, but would you rather save a few pounds or keep your family safe? Hopefully, you chose the latter!

Common causes of furniture damage include cleaning with aggressive sanitising sprays, spilling acid liquids like wine, dropping furniture during transport, screws coming loose, chairs falling off tables during cleaning, furniture being dragged across a floor, jumping on sofas, pets ripping up furniture and so on. The list is virtually limitless, but these are some of the most common causes.

If damage does occur, try not to get frustrated. Just accept the situation for what it is, bite the bullet and move on. It’s not worth losing your mind over furniture. Yes, it can be expensive, but the chances are you won’t be thinking about it on your death bed so take my word, damaged furniture is not that important.

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