13 Best Desks for Home Working

If you’re working at home, having a quality home desk is an absolute must. Desks are a crucial part of a productive workplace and it’s important you use the right desk for you.

In this post, we’ll look at 10 of the best desks available which will make your home working life much easier, productive and hassle-free.

What are the benefits of a good home working desk?

Facilitate work

Desks are designed to facilitate your ability to work. A typical desk has a smooth surface which allows you to read, write, use a computer, or do other work. Because we lean on them whilst working, any good desk worth its salt must be sturdy. We don’t want you falling through an old hunk of junk!

Investment in a good home desk is crucial for being able to work efficiently. Remember, you get what you pay for.


Have you ever spent 10 minutes trying to find an important paper or piece of stationery? Yes, I have too and as we know it’s not fun. Chances are, we weren’t organised. Fortunately, desks can help us become super organised if we use them properly!

Desks typically have a large surface area on top, often with shelves and sliding drawers. There’s a lot to work with for proper organisation. If you create a system for where papers, stationery, electronics should be so they’re easy to find and neatly stored, the desk will become your best friend and you’ll be super organised.


Every desk usually comes with a few storage areas. Drawers, shelves and sliding drawers beneath the work surface itself all spring to mind as common examples.

Having storage space is handy when working at home. There’s always a piece of work you need to come back to later but need to store away temporarily, and for this reason, desks are so handy.

I find by storing all work-related items in my home working desk I can effectively separate working life from family life, ideal from anyone who has trouble on where to draw the line.


I love shopping for home working desks for myself, or with others because there are so many varieties to choose from. Regardless of your sense of style and personal preference for furniture, there will be a desk to fit in with your vision.

There are writing desks, computer desks, executive desks, corner desks, floating desks, roll-top desks, standing desks, wood desks, glass desks, laminated desks, natural desks, oak desks and so on. Find one you love and make it your very own.

Long term investment

I bought my home working desk over two years ago and it is still going strong, therefore it was a brilliant investment.
Desks are built to be durable and last for the long-term.

Given that you take care of it with regular cleaning and don’t bash it around, your desk should last a good few years and provide you many hours of happy working.

If you are reluctant to buy a much-needed desk due to price, think about what’s really important to you. A desk can help you work effectively, organise yourself, and help you store items better. Therefore, it’s a brilliant investment to make.

Working tends to generate people an income, and if the desk facilitates this then the desk helps you generate an income. If you need an income to support your family, a desk might be one of the most important investments you ever make!

It might sound a bit dramatic, but I can’t tell you how much more productive I became after purchasing my home working desk. No more laptop balanced on my knee and no more wild goose chases to find lost papers. My desk changed my working life and a desk can change yours, too.

Without further ado, here are the 10 best desks:

1. White workstation desk with 3 drawers & 3 shelves

I’m currently writing this article on this desk after owning it for one and a half years. I have to say, I am incredibly impressed with its durability as I have experienced zero problems since assembling it.

This sturdy and stylish desk is great for bright rooms and can really help brighten up a space. Coming in at 31KG means it’s extremely light and can be moved from place to place with ease, something which is a problem for owners of heavier desks.

The desk comes in a medium sized box with easy to understand instructions for quick self-assembly. It took me about 45 minutes to put it up as a solo effort, so it should take a couple 20-25 minutes depending on how quickly you work.

It comes with a 3 months money back guarantee if anything is wrong with the desk upon arrival and a one-year pro-rated warranty. At £75, I consider this desk a bargain and great value for money.

2. L-Shaped office computer desk

This L-shaped desk is a great option for anyone who plans to work in the corner of a room. Fitting perfectly into corners, the desk provides lots of handy working and storage space, so things get done efficiently. Check out the image above for an idea of how you could use the desk to your advantage.

The desk is waterproof, wear-resistant, fade-resistant and visually appealing with a modern vibe. It’s made from medium density fibreboard with melamine & veneer, so you know this is going to be one sturdy and reliable desk. No need to worry about it breaking!

Whilst I prefer this desk in black, you can get it in an elegant white colour if that’s your preference. It comes easy to assemble with numbered parts and instructions for a clean, smooth assembly.

3. High gloss executive desk

Considerably more expensive than the last two, this quality gloss desk is perfect for those seeking luxury and comfort.

This desk boasts a high gloss surface, a quality finish and a sleek design which allows it to fit into any modern setting. The shiny finish is a real head turner and will get compliments from family and friends.

What I really like about this desk is that it features a 180-degree rotating shelf, enabling it to fit into all kinds of areas so you don’t have to worry about whether it will fit in your home. There’s nothing worse than having a new desk delivered, you go through the effort of assembling it, only to find it doesn’t work in your home. With this desk, that won’t be an issue as the 180 rotation enables a huge degree of flexibility!

If you want a desk which is beautiful, highly durable and can be adjusted to suit your needs, this might be the desk for you.

4. Standard computer desk with shelves, cupboard and drawers

If I could summarise this desk in one word it would be ‘convenience.’ As you can see, the desk offers everything you need in a compact and comfortable, slick unit. What more could you want? I think the 725 five star reviews speak for themselves!

The desk blends style and efficiency and can be easily installed into any room. Something which stands out in this desk is the two plinths on either side, raising the desktop work surface which allows room for two open shelves. Handy for those books and papers you need to access quickly.

If storage is high on your agenda, the desk comes with an additional shelf on top of the desktop and two retractable drawers. Perfect for all your books, papers, stationery and accessory needs.

5. Compact desk workstation

If you’re after something effective and long lasting, this desk could be the one.

Constructed of a sturdy premium metal frame, a long-lasting MDF desktop and coming fully waterproofed, this is a highly durable desk which will have a long service life. If you like buying things one and not replacing them for years, this desk is deal.

The spacious desktop can hold lots of different items at the same time i.e. a computer, printer, books, coffee, speaker and so on, making it extremely useful.

I like this desk because it is clearly fit for multiple uses. You don’t just have to use it for a work station. You could use it for gaming, parties, crafting, speaking to a client, at a wedding and more.

6. Ultramodern contemporary desk

Here’s a desk that conveys a modern and contemporary feel, making it ideal for your home office. The black wood grain colour is appealing to the eye, making it a natural focus piece of any room it sits in.

The open bookshelf below the main work surface is a game changer for your storage needs. Conveniently access books, stationery, papers and more, from the comfort of your own seat in a matter of seconds.

Taking a quick 20 minutes to assemble from scratch, the desk has metal legs and adjustable leg pads which reduce floor damage and keep the desk well-grounded.

The manufacturers are confident with their desk, offering a 100% refund or replacement to anybody who has quality issues. With confidence like that and tonnes of 5-star reviews, it can only be what everyone is calling it. A top quality desk.

7. Large corner computer and gaming desk

Here’s a brilliant desk which can accommodate a variety of different needs. It features two main working spaces for either large projects or two separate functions, like gaming and work, for instance.

This superb corner desk can be assembled with the longer section either to the right or left, whatever works best in your home according to the available space. The smooth pull-out keyboard shelf is great for space saving and the separate monitor platform means you no longer have to worry about accidentally kicking it. Happy days.

The desk comes in a range of stylish colours including graphite black, oak, grainy white, and walnut, so there is a colour for every taste. I personally prefer the grainy white finish.

But what about building a desk of this size, that must be a challenge right? Not at all! An Amazon review says the following: ‘a superb piece of kit and a pleasure to build. The quality of the unit, as well as the relevant fittings, is excellent, the building took me 90 minutes. Excellent all round and a good value buy and a great home office solution!’

8. Compact student workstation

Students often struggle with studying for their exams in limited space and find it can be a real hassle. Not with this compact workstation desk designed specifically with students in mind!

The desk features a spacious study table with a combo storage unit for storing student essentials like laptops, books, office supplies and lots of Pot Noodles. It is a student desk after all!

The sturdy MFD board guarantees a long-lasting desk which is sturdy and easy to clean, meaning little maintenance is needed. If you’re a student at university, college or school and in need of a brilliant desk for studying and revision, look no further. This could be your ticket to easier student life.

9. Compact corner desk

If you want a simple, compact and easy to install desk, look no further. This convenient unit slots into any corner, making it ideal if you have limited space to work with. It features three handy storage shelves for storing files, pictures, stationery and more.

It features a slide-out keyboard tray which allows your arm to work at a position it finds comfortable. The unit comes with easy to follow assembly instructions and tends to take 20-35 minutes to set up, depending on your enthusiasm for your new desk!

The following are an Amazon reviewer’s words: ‘I choose this desk over a sea of others because it suited my needs best of all. It’s very spacious, has some lovely shelves and fits in the corner of my room perfectly. I spend a lot of time on my PC so I wanted a desk I could decorate with all my niknaks. Great price for a good desk, five stars.’

10. Steel Frame Wooden Home Desk

This desk elegantly combines modern and traditional styles, mixing wood and steel effectively for a fresh, unique look.

The desk has a large surface which can be used for working on a laptop or computer, studying, reading books, running a business and could be used to have business meetings with clients and partners. Any work-related use you can think of, this desk will happily accommodate you.

The 4-tier storage shelving offers practicality and convenience for all your desk storage needs. Why not give it a try?

11. Corner home office desk with storage boxes

Perfect for the full-time home-worker, this desk is manufactured with the home in mind.

This desks modern design compliments any home and can be conveniently installed into most corners with ease.
It features 3 handy storage boxes, 2 open shelves, 1 cupboard and 1 drawer, making this one of the best desks for smart storage on the market.

It’s quite a big unit, so why not get a friend or family member to help put it up with you? Not only do you reduce assembly time, but you can also bond over the activity and build something special together! Now that’s an experience you never thought a desk could bring you.

All this storage is perfect for organising folders, storing marketing materials, holding books and any other business or personal item you might need to store.

The following are an Amazon reviewer’s words: ‘Excellent quality very solid desk and very large. Arrived promptly very well packaged. Took a while to put together but the whole product is excellent quality and lots of storage and desk space. Excellent.’

12. Movable desk for small spaces

Here’s a practical and attractive desk you’ll love. Ideal for those with only a small space to work with, this desk is incredibly compact and offers true value to those using it in their home.

It features an environmentally particle board for working which is waterproof, wear-resistant and fade-resistant, meaning you should get many years of use out of the unit.

It features a pull out keyboard tray to make smart use of space. The lower half of the desk features 3 smart storage spaces which are ideal for books, folders, technology items and anything else you need to access at a moments notice whilst working.

13. Wall mounted smart space desk

Here’s a unique desk which will capture the eyes of anyone looking for a smart use of space. This desk mounts to your wall and give the impression of ‘floating’, allowing you to maximise use of the available space around it.

The desk comes in attractive dark oak, black or white colours, so there should be a finish to suit your taste.The desk can be mounted at any height with the metal hanging device included, saving valuable floor space. It features a handy top shelf and side compartments with two removable shelves, providing multiple storage capabilities. Ideal for anybody with storage needs but not enough space to get a traditional space consuming desk.

This item has exclusively 5 star reviews, so it’s clear that this is a quality product which can add value. The following are an Amazon reviewer’s words: ‘Great product. Excellent well finished, sturdy, suits my purpose, frees floor space. Easy to build.’

There you have it, 11 of the best desks currently out there. Be sure to get value for your money and use your desk to its fullest potential.

Make sure you keep your new desk clean

Now you’re the owner of a brand-new desk, be sure to prioritise cleaning it regularly. Why bother to clean a desk, you might ask?

Keeping your desk clean can lead to benefits like reducing the likelihood of becoming ill, looking more professional, being more organised and being more productive. Keeping your desk clean can have life-changing effects, literally…

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